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DVI-D Dual-Link Digital Cable (Male To Male) - 1.5 Mtrs

DVI-D Dual-Link Digital Cable (Male To Male) - 1.5 Mtrs
DVI-D Dual-Link Digital Cable (Male To Male) - 1.5 Mtrs
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What is DVI-D, and do you need it? Experience the crystal-clear quality of an all-digital video signal with Piranah's premium dual-link DVI-D to DVI-D cable. For high-definition and flat-panel monitors, this digital DVI cable gives uncompromised image fidelity for per-pixel digital accuracy like you've never seen.

DVI-D cable is a shielded dual-link, DVI-D to DVI-D digital video monitor cable. Unlike single-link DVI cables, dual-links feature a full set of pins for increased bandwidth, allowing you to view higher resolutions at longer distances without loss or interference.

Most digital displays (LCDs and Plasmas), nearly all computer video cards, and many DVD players are compatible with the all-digital standard of DVI. The Piranah DVI-D dual-link cable will provide the best quality images from your digital source, and if you are using High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection hardware, our DVI cables will negotiate the HDCP protocol for copy-protected media.

This cable has male DVI-D connectors on each end. They are dual-link DVI connectors for the highest quality digital signal. If you are looking for something that is analog-compatible, we also stock DVI-I cables and DVI-A cables.

Unlike many DVI-D cables, every Piranah DVI cable is shielded against radio frequency interference (RFI), thanks to braided wire shielding and copper connector shells. Shielding prevents electromagnetic signals from interfering with the data transmitted over the DVI cable. RFI can occur for many reasons, including other electronic devices, wireless and cellular phones, commercial broadcasting antennas, and power cables. DVI signals subject to interference can display inaccurate pixels, have "sparkling" effects, or simply not appear at all.

For help finding the right DVI cable, see our DVI cable guide. For more information about what DVI is, and how it works, see our DVI Information and FAQ.

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