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VGA (15 Pin Male) To VGA (15 Pin Male) - 15 Mtrs

VGA (15 Pin Male) To VGA (15 Pin Male) - 15 Mtrs
VGA (15 Pin Male) To VGA (15 Pin Male) - 15 Mtrs
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The Piranah SVGA cable is a high-grade video cable for VGA displays. Built with superbly shielded mini-coax wire, these cables offer uncompromised picture quality in excess of 200 feet.

The SVGA Video cable is used to connect a VGA or SVGA card or monitor to each other or to a data switch. Both ends are a high-density 3-row male 15-pin DSUB connector; the male-to-male VGA connector is common for two devices that do not have built-in cables.

The cable is made of 75 ohm mini-coax video wire, using individually shielded 28-gauge coaxial wire. This low signal loss cable allows lengths of up to 200 feet in most cases, with good signal strength.

This male VGA to male VGA cable is designed for connecting video card / Laptop / ETC outputs to monitors, LCD Displays, Projectors, ETC  directly. Most modern flatpanel displays require this type of cable. For monitors and displays that have built-in cables, you'll need to use a male-to-female VGA extension cable.

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