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Nvidia Quadro GP100

Nvidia Quadro GP100
Nvidia Quadro GP100
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Nvidia Quadro GP100
Nvidia Quadro GP100
Nvidia Quadro GP100
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  • Model: 900-5H400-2500-000

Key Features

  • 10.3 TFLOPS Single Precision Performance
  • 3584 CUDA Cores
  • Pascal Architecture
  • 16GB HBM2 vRAM

With 16GB of HBM2 vRAM, the PNY Technologies Quadro GP100 Graphics Card is the first workstation board from NVIDIA to utilize the HMB2 memory interface. HBM2 memory dies sit atop an interposer and connect directly with the GPU die, rather than separately from it. This design facilitates a memory bus that is an order of magnitude wider than traditional GDDR memory implementations, in this case, 4096 bits for a 717 GB/s total bandwidth. Otherwise, this card offers 3584 CUDA cores providing up to 10.3 TFLOPS of single-precision computing power. For applications that require double precision and half-precision computing, such as scientific multiphysics simulations and machine learning, the GP100 can crank out 5.2 and 20.7 TFLOPS in those operations, respectively.

Detailed Information
Detailed Specs

CUDA Cores


Peak Double Precision FP64 Performance


Peak Single Precision FP32 Performance


Peak Half Precision FP16 Performance


GPU Memory

16 GB HBM2

Memory Interface


Memory Bandwidth

717 GB/s

System Interface

PCI Express 3.0 x16

Display Connectors

DP 1.4 (4) + DVI-D DL (1) + Stereo

Additional Information

3 years

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