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Brand: MSI Model: MPG GUNGNIR 100D
Motherboard SupportSufficient space is reserved inside the chassis to support form factors of motherboard with EATX/ATX/MATX/MiniATX.Clear Interior ViewThe light gray tone of 4mm tempered glass side panel is ideal for displaying RGB lighting effects and provides clear internal component construction..
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Antec E-ATX Case Torque Antec E-ATX Case Torque
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Brand: ANTEC Model: Torque
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Brand: MSI Model: MAG VAMPIRIC 010
​ ​​OPTIMIZED AIR FLOW​Two 120mm fans aligned vertically on the front to draw in air evenly across the entire face of the enclosure. That will contribute to positive air pressure within the case, the rising warm air will always be exhausted with the rear and top airflow from the MAG Forge 100 S..
Ex Tax:Rs4,600.00
Brand: MSI Model: MAG VAMPIRIC 010
MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 010 chassis can support up to ATX motherboard, side panel of 4mm tempered glass, 120 mm ARGB fan, reserved cooling space and front USB 3.1 Gen 1ARGB Fan included4mm Tempered GlassesOptimize Airflow360mm Radiator Support167mm CPU Cooler SupportARGB FANPacked with an addressable RGB f..
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Cooler Master Case Cosmos C700M MCC-C700M-MG5N-S00
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Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCC-C700M-MG5N-S00
Highly Versatile LayoutThe unique frame design supports a conventional, chimney, inverse layout, or a fully customized layout. Each part of the frame enables a high level of versatility. From multi-functional brackets to options in component positioning, the COSMOS C700M encourages freedom in buildi..
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Cooler Master Case Cosmos C700P  MCC-C700P-MG5N-S00 Cooler Master Case Cosmos C700P  MCC-C700P-MG5N-S00
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Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCC-C700P-MG5N-S00
Highly Flexible LayoutUnique frame design enables regular, chimney effect and inverse layout. Motherboard is removable for installation outside of the case. Removable PSU, storage and cable management covers for ease of cable management with clean builds as a result.Modular DesignNext generation fra..
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Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCB-K500D-KGNN-S00
Edge-to-edge temperedglass side panelShow off your build in style through the 4mm thick Edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel, and have easy access to your components in case things go haywire.EXCELLENT THERMAL PERFORMANCEOptimized airflow due to the semi-meshed front panel and ventilation holes on..
Ex Tax:Rs6,835.00
Cooler Master Case MasterBox MB500 MCB-B500D-KGNN-S00 Cooler Master Case MasterBox MB500 MCB-B500D-KGNN-S00
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Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCB-B500D-KGNN-S00
Fan and Radiator SupportThe front supports up to three 120mm- or two 140mm fans and up to a 360mm radiator, with a maximum thickness of 50mm without fans. The Rear supports a 120mm fan or radiator, and the top up two 120mm fans. It comes with two pre-installed 120mm RGB fans in the front and a singl..
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Cooler Master Case MasterBox MB520 RGB MCB-B520-KGNN-RGB Cooler Master Case MasterBox MB520 RGB MCB-B520-KGNN-RGB
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Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCB-B520-KGNN-RGB
Light 'em up.MasterBox MB520 RGB    DarkMirror Front Panel    RGB LED Fans and Lighting Control    Performance Intakes    Edge-To-Edge Tempered Glass Side Panel    Support for a Total of 6 Fans and Water Cooling  &n..
Ex Tax:Rs5,670.00
Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCY-B5P2-KWGN-02
Exploring the InteriorCreate a design that follows your personality and preferences. This case is designed to allow users the freedom to configure everything from components to lighthing however they want.Tempered Glass Side Panel4mm thick edge to edge Tempered Glass Side PanelShow off your perfect ..
Ex Tax:Rs7,755.00
Brand: Cooler Master Model: MCB-Q300P-KANN-S02
Easy To HandleFour removable handles make it easy to transport or carry your full system build to a LAN Party.Modular I/O PanelThe I/O panel can be adjusted to six different locations. On both side of the body you can install the I/O panel at the front,top or bottom.Multiple Positioning OptionsThe c..
Ex Tax:Rs6,600.00
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